The USDA announced it will support developing additional fertilizer production in the U.S. to address rising costs and spur competition. 

The agency will make $250 million available this summer through a new grant program to support independent, innovative, and sustainable American fertilizer production to help supply American farmers. 

To address growing concerns about competition in the agricultural supply chain, USDA will also launch a public inquiry seeking information regarding seeds and agricultural inputs, fertilizer, and retail markets. 

“Recent supply chain disruptions from COVID-19 to the war in Ukraine have shown us how important it is to invest in this crucial link in the agricultural supply chain here at home,” says Ag Secretary Tom Vilsack. 

Fertilizer prices have more than doubled since last year due to many factors. 

The top producers of the major components in fertilizer include China, Russia, Canada, and Morocco. 

Belarus also provides a significant share of the world’s potash exports.

(Story Courtesy of the NAFB News Service)