The Department of Agriculture last week announced the appointment of four new members to the National Organic Standards Board. 

The board includes 15 volunteer members representing the organic community. 

The new members will serve five-year terms, through January 2027. 

Organic farmer Elizabeth Graznak of Missouri joins the board on the environmental protection and resource conservation seat. 

USDA Appointed Allison Johnson of the Natural Resources Defense Council to a public interest or consumer interest group seat. 

Meanwhile, Dr. Dilip Nandwana of Tennessee State University will serve on the scientist seat of the board, and Javier Zamora of California’s JSM Organics takes a seat on the board as an organic farmer. 

The National Organic Standards Board is a Federal Advisory Board established under the Organic Foods Production Act of 1990. 

The board assists in developing standards for substances used in organic production and advises the Secretary on aspects of the National Organic Program.

(Courtesy of the NAFB News Service)