A deal to allow the U.S.-Mexico-Canada Agreement to move forward seemed imminent Monday, with anonymous sources telling the Associated Press a deal was reached. 

President Donald Trump told reporters Monday afternoon there were “a lot of strides over the last 24 hours” with unions, adding “if they put it up for a vote, it’ll pass.” 

Fox Business News first reported an agreement between Trump and Mexico, along with House Democrats, and that it could be finalized and ready for action before the House of Representatives adjourns for the year. 

However, details reportedly still need to be finalized, and implementing legislation must be submitted to Congress. 

Additionally, the House of Representatives will need to schedule a vote on the agreement. 

The news broke as 158 lawmakers penned a letter the House Speaker Nancy Pelosi urging her to “seize this opportunity” to create a win for America. 

The lawmakers say expanding agriculture exports through USMCA “will help put American agriculture back on its feet.”