United Soybean Board CEO Polly Ruhland recently announced her group’s priorities for the year ahead. 

2020 goals will include improving farmer profitability by focusing in on meal, oil, and sustainability. 

One of the things they’re researching this year is to prove the amino acid profile, as well as how valuable it can be to livestock producers that feed soy to their animals. 

That’s why they’re looking further into both their meal and protein quality improvements in the soybean. 

Another area of focus for USB is enhancing and communicating the sustainability of soy. 

Improvements in technology over the years have allowed soybean farmers to grow more soybeans and use fewer acres of land to do it. 

They want the public to know that the sustainability of soy can help the planet and put profit into a farmer’s operation at the same time. 

Another 2020 objective is to focus their research on the benefits of soybean oil, more specifically in high oleic soybean oil. 

The objectives were highlighted this month during the United Soybean Board meeting in December.