Last week, several USA Rice members worked together to deliver a shipment of U.S.-grown rice to help feed the people of Ukraine. 

The effort came together as the industry saw the urgent need facing Ukrainian people, who are experiencing unprecedented food insecurity as a result of the Russian invasion that began on February 24. 

Taking advantage of rice already on the European continent, three USA Rice members – Sun Valley Rice, Farmers’ Rice Cooperative, and Kennedy Rice Mill –gifted 20 metric tons of U.S. Calrose rice. 

That rice is now on its way to help feed the Ukrainian people. In a joint statement, the three company leaders say, “We could not in good conscience watch as innocent people were being killed, starved, and driven from their homes.” 

The U.S. rice companies had rice in position, but destined for other customers. 

The statement continues, “though it was destined for other customers, we agreed it was urgently needed in Ukraine.”

(STory Courtesy of the NAFB News Service)