The signup period for the 26th edition of the United Fresh Produce Industry Leadership Program is now open. 

The program first began in 1995 and more than 250 produce industry professionals have graduated from the program. 

“As we celebrate the program’s 25th anniversary, I invite our alumni and all those who have supported their journey to pay it forward,” says Tom Stenzel, President and CEO of the United Fresh Produce Association. “Please encourage the next generation of industry leaders to apply to take part in the class and become the first fellows of the next 25 years.” 

The United Fresh Produce Industry Leadership Program is the only ongoing, fully paid leadership program for the produce industry. 

Each year, people are selected to participate in the program which is developed around four fundamental goals: leadership development; business relationships; government and public affairs; and media and public communications. 

Participants take part in a series of four trips during the year-long program. 

The trips focus on face-to-face meetings, hands-on training with top industry experts and educators, interactive experiences with leaders in Washington, D.C., and more. 

The participants will be named at the United Fresh 2020 Convention and Ag Expo, June 16-19, in San Diego.