Trade talks get underway virtually this week between the United States and the United Kingdom. 

The talks come more than 18 months after U.S. Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer notified Congress of the intent to begin talks with the United Kingdom. 

A video conference Tuesday will start the talks. In March, the U.K. published its objectives for trade negotiations with the United States. 

The announcement included an uncompromising stand on agriculture and food standards, two big sticking points that have slowed momentum for talks getting underway. 

U.S. agriculture and trade officials had hoped that the U.K. would loosen up some of their strictest requirements after officially leaving the European Union in January. 

However, Lighthizer says the two biggest sticking points, which are agriculture and health care, shouldn’t stand in the way of reaching a deal in 2020. 

Politico reports It’s unclear how quickly the two sides can reach an agreement, since the U.K. first needs to decide many issues regarding its future relationship with the European Union.