The National Pork Producers Council supports the Trump Administration guidelines for maintaining the continuity of critical U.S. infrastructure, which includes the food supply. 

U.S. pork producers supply the world’s safest, most nutritious, and lowest-cost pork in the world and remain committed to supplying Americans and other consumers around the world with the healthy protein they need to have. 

“We are committed to maintaining the core infrastructure of America’s food supply: farms,” says NPPC President Howard Roth, a Wisconsin pork farmer. “Pork producers and other farmers take seriously the special responsibility we hold for keeping people fed. Telecommuting is not an option for us; we are going to report to work as always while we take all the necessary precautions to protect our health and the health of those we work with.” 

The coronavirus guidelines NPPC will follow include listening to and following directions of local and state authorities; staying home if they feel sick; keeping the entire household at home if someone has tested positive for coronavirus; washing hands regularly and keeping a recommended distance from other people off the farm.