Things have been hard in agriculture and more specifically, it’s been hard to be a farmer. 

Wet weather, low crop prices, as well as trade disputes have put some farmers on the edge. 

Financial stress is taking a toll and Successful Farming has put together a list of signs that may indicate a farmer is suffering from significant financial stress. 

Signs include isolation or withdrawal, as well as talking in a monotone voice or lacking facial expressions, and outbursts of anger or abrasive behavior toward others, including children. 

After that, they list confusion, forgetfulness, and difficulty concentrating. 

Also on the list is blaming others such as banks or spouses, binge eating, gambling, or drinking. 

Sleeping too much or not enough is also on the list, as is a lack of pride in the appearance of the operation, including the buildings and grounds. 

Not caring for livestock is another sign to watch for, as are more farm accidents.