In response to the late February announcement by the Department of Agriculture that it will open the U.S. market to fresh beef from Brazil, R-CALF is calling for the restoration of mandatory Country-of-Origin meat labeling. 

The organization points out that Brazil is a country with a history of engaging in corrupt food safety practices, and is distributing a research paper to congressional offices titled Restoring Mandatory COOL for Beef Without Running Afoul of the WTO’s Adverse Ruling. 

R-CALF USA CEO Bill Bullard says the lack of Country-of-Origin meat labeling “means beef produced by America’s cattle farmers and ranchers cannot compete against the soon-to-arrive increased quantities of Brazilian beef.” 

Bullard claims the only way to end consumer deception is for Congress to pass legislation requiring Mandatory Country-of-Origin Labeling on all beef products sold at retail stores. 

Congress removed beef and pork from the current COOL law in late 2015 to avoid retaliatory tariffs from Canada and Mexico, authorized by the World Trade Organization.