White House and administration officials confirmed to CNN that the president will sign the U.S.-Mexico-Canada Trade Agreement on Wednesday. 

The new agreement was one of the president’s biggest priorities during his term and was passed out of Congress just days before the impeachment trial began. 

Trump is expected to tout this agreement as an important highlight during the 2020 presidential campaign, especially in the swing states that will see a lot of benefits from the pact. 

For example, the agreement opens the Canadian dairy market to U.S. farmers, something Trump is likely to point out in dairy-heavy states like Wisconsin. 

During a speech at the American Farm Bureau’s National Convention, Trump told attendees that the agreement will “massively boost exports for farmers, ranchers, growers, and agricultural producers.” 

The deal was originally signed by leaders of all three countries back in November of 2018. 

However, the text was later changed after months of closed-door negotiations between House Democrats and the Trump Administration. 

The updates added additional labor protections and got rid of controversial patent protections for certain drugs.