Plant Response Biotech and Koch Biological Solutions, LLC. have combined operations to form Plant Response Biotech, Inc. 

The new venture will leverage both companies’ complementary capabilities, assets and product offerings. 

Plant Response Biotech is a plant biotechnology company specializing in plant innate immunity, plant physiology and nutrient use efficiency. 

It has developed several product candidates which are approaching commercial launch status in the areas of drought tolerance and plant health. 

Koch Biological Solutions focuses on developing science-based, live microbial and biologically derived chemistries that improve plant performance at every stage of growth. 

Through various modes of action, their biological solutions perform directly on the plant or its environment to improve crop efficiency and nutrient uptake, maximizing yield potential. 

Tom Warner, chairman of the board for the new Plant Response Biotech, says of the move, “These companies are naturally complementary, and it made tremendous sense to bring the two together.” 

The new company will be headquartered in Raleigh, North Carolina, with operations in California and Spain.