An eCommerce store is launching organic chicken feed subscriptions. 

The online store, called Mile Four, offers subscription and one-time sales, targeting the backyard chicken market. 

Customers who subscribe to their chosen feed receive ten percent off every order and can set their delivery schedule exactly how they want, depending on the size of their flock. 

Founder Luke Huebner says the subscription “makes things so much easier for the buyer and the flock when feed, supplements and treats are delivered directly to their door.” 

He says the goal of the eCommerce store is to “make raising backyard chickens as simple as possible.” 

Huebner grew up on a fifth-generation family farm four miles outside of a small town in western Minnesota and is self-described as an eCommerce veteran with 15 plus years of experience. 

The online store offers Starter, Grower and Layer Feed as well as several different supplements and treats.