Nutrien says its first-quarter earnings in 2022 totaled $1.4 billion. The first-quarter net earnings per share were $2.70. 

Nutrien says global agriculture and crop input markets are being impacted by many  unprecedented supply disruptions that have contributed to higher commodity prices and heightened concerns about global food security. 

“The situation proves the need for long-term solutions that support a sustainable increase in global crop production,” says Ken Seitz, interim president and CEO of Nutrien. 

“We are responding by safely increasing potash production and utilizing our global supply chain to provide customers with the crop inputs and services they need for this critical growing season.” 

He also says the company expects higher earnings and cash flows this year, which provides them an opportunity to accelerate strategic initiatives that Nutrien believes will advance sustainable agriculture practices. 

It includes the potential to expand their low-cost fertilizer production capacity and enhance their global distribution network.

(Story Courtesy of the NAFB News Service)