The National Pork Producers Council and the American Farm Bureau have filed a legal challenge to California’s Proposition 12. 

The proposition imposes animal housing standards that reach outside of California’s borders to farms across the U.S. 

“Proposition 12 revolves around a set of arbitrary standards that lack any scientific, technical, or agricultural basis, and will only serve to inflict further harm on U.S. hog farmers,” says Jen Sorenson, NPPC vice president. “U.S. farmers are already fighting to expand overseas market opportunities. We shouldn’t have to fight to keep our domestic markets too.” 

Prop 12 will force hog farmers who want to sell pork in California to switch to alternative housing systems, at a significant cost to their business. 

“The law was sold to California voters as a solution to improve animal welfare and food safety,” says AFB General Counsel Ellen Steen. “However, it has nothing to do with food safety and many animals will suffer more injury and illness under its arbitrary rules.” 

Farm Bureau says farmers are best qualified to make farm-specific and animal-specific decisions on animal care. 

Prop 12 will drive up costs and force smaller farmers out of business, leading to greater consolidation in the pork industry.