A new study in the Journal of the American Medical Association says red meat lovers may want to put down that slice of bacon. 

A CNN report says a new analysis of long-term data on nearly 30,000 people shows a small but significant risk of death from any cause tied to eating two servings of processed meat or unprocessed red meat each week. 

People eating two servings a week of processed meat, unprocessed red meat or poultry were all found to have similar risks of cardiovascular disease. 

Researchers say including poultry in that category may have more to do with frying or consuming the skin. 

The study says there were no associated risks for eating fish. 

One serving of processed meat equaled two slices of bacon, two small sausages, or one hot dog. 

One serving of unprocessed red meat equaled about four ounces of red meat or poultry or three ounces of fish. 

The new findings come out just months after a separate study that says there is no need for people to reduce their red meat and processed meat consumption for good health. 

Senior Study Author Norrina Allen says, “Everyone interpreted that it was OK to eat red meat, but I don’t think that’s what the science supports.”