A guide by the National Corn Growers Association offers tips to manage COVID-19 on the farm. 

Farmers are preparing for spring planting, which means activity levels are increasing on the farm for things like field preparation and on-farm deliveries. 

NCGA says limiting interactions and exposure is a good idea to limit exposure and risk related to COVID-19, as it is critical to practice biosecurity for your family, your employees, the public, and animals. 

NCGA recommends farmers identify and coordinate a drop-off location for supplier deliveries to the farm. 

If possible, set this up away from high traffic areas and housing. Further instruction includes practicing distancing with delivery drivers, log all deliveries and utilize a visitor’s log for everyone entering the farm. 

NCGA recommends farmers prepare on-farm workers and family members, and to sanitize contact surfaces around the farm, including door handles and knobs, floor mats, steering wheels and other commonly contacted surfaces. 

Additionally, it is recommended that all farms have Continuity of Business plans, to keep operations running smoothly in case of any disruption.