Kicking off the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association annual convention, leaders of the organization approved top 2020 policy priorities. 

At the annual Cattle Industry Convention in San Antonio, Texas, NCBA leadership included issues related to international trade, proper regulation of fake meat, and regulatory reform. 

Although after a series of significant policy victories in 2019, this year’s priority list is focused on implementing and protecting those gains. 

NCBA President Jennifer Houston says, “Now it’s time to implement and defend those gains and to keep pushing for policies that will help improve conditions for cattle producers.” 

This year’s priorities include an issue that was a late addition to last year’s list after Congressional introduction of the so-called Green New Deal: climate policy. 

NCBA plans to “Continue to push back against misguided climate policies while advancing the U.S. cattle industry’s tremendous environmental record.” 

NCBA also plans to prioritize the importance of cattle markets, and aggressively pursue final regulatory rules, including the Waters of the U.S. Rule, among others.