About 85 percent of U.S. beef comes from farmers and ranchers who are certified in the Beef Quality Assurance Program. 

However, do consumers know what that means? A new campaign from the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association aims to answer that question for consumers. 

The goal is to close the gap between consumer knowledge and what the country’s producers are doing to produce high-quality beef in a humane and environmentally friendly way. 

Consumers are also more interested than ever before about how their food is produced. 

The new campaign began last month with a series of videos from “Beef, It’s What’s for Dinner.” 

The videos highlight how cattle farmers and ranchers raise their cattle under BQA specifications. 

The videos, as well as corresponding audio clips, will be used to advertise BQA on platforms like YouTube, Hulu, Pandora, and Spotify. 

Consumers will also get to learn more through interactive “BQ&A” Instagram stories that address common questions about how cattle are raised. 

he videos, website, and social interactions with consumers give them an overview of what the BQA program is and the ongoing commitment of cattle farmers and ranchers to care for their animals and provide the safest and highest quality beef possible. 

“The campaign expands the reach of a traditionally producer-facing program,” says Josh White, executive director of producer education at NCBA. 

U.S. beef producers who have embraced the BQA program are excited that the program is now a “consumer-facing” effort as well.