The National Biodiesel Conference and Expo started off Tuesday with a state-of-the-industry address from National Biodiesel Board CEO Donnell Rehagen. 

The CEO outlined a new public vision statement during his address to industry stakeholders. 

The new industry statement says, “Biodiesel, renewable diesel, and renewable jet fuel will be recognized as mainstream low-carbon fuel options with superior performance and emission characteristics. 

In on-road, off-road, air transportation, electricity generation, and home heating applications, use will exceed six billion gallons by 2030, eliminating over 35 million metric tons of CO2 equivalent greenhouse gas emissions annually. 

With advancements in our feedstock, use will reach 15 billion gallons by 2050.” 

Rehagen says without a clear vision for the future of the industry, including where they want to be and how they’ll get there, the industry won’t have a chance to be more than it is today. 

“As carbon policies around the country really begin to take hold, we see low-carbon fuels like biodiesel, renewable diesel, and renewable jet fuel with tremendous opportunities for growth,” Rehagen says.