The USDA’s National Agricultural Statistics Service will once again have follow-up work to do on the 2019 harvest. 

NASS will be contacting survey respondents in Michigan, Minnesota, South Dakota, and Wisconsin, who had previously reported unharvested corn and/or soybean acres. 

If the newly collected data make any changes necessary, NASS will update the January 10th estimates in the May 12th Crop Production Report. 

Stocks estimates are also subject to review since unharvested production is included in the estimate of on-farm stocks. 

When NASS originally surveyed producers in December for the Crop Production 2019 summary, there were significant unharvested acres of corn in Michigan, Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Wisconsin; and there were unharvested soybean acres in Michigan, North Dakota, and Wisconsin. 

The unharvested acres were included in the January 10th report. NASS had originally said it would resurvey producers in January. 

However, because it wasn’t clear when producers would be able to get back into the field to finish harvest, the agency couldn’t set a re-survey date until now. 

Since there is still significant acreage left for harvest in North Dakota, producers there will be contacted at a later date.