Minnesota producers in the Central District chopped 2.09 million tons of corn silage in 2019, according to estimates released by the USDA’s National Agricultural Statistics Service. 

This was 24 percent of the State total production. The Southeast District produced 1.95 million tons of silage, representing 22 percent of the State total. 

Stearns, Winona, and Becker were the top 3 silage producing counties with 692,000 tons, 326,000 tons, and 151,000 tons, respectively. 

Nicollet and Dodge rounded out the top 5 producing 142,000 and 102,000 tons of silage, respectively, during the year. 

Dakota County had the highest average silage yield, at 25.0 tons per acre. 

Red Lake and Washington Counties recorded the second highest yields of 23.5 tons per acre. 

Ten counties had yields of 20.0 tons or above. 

Yields are derived from production divided by area harvested. 

Only published estimates were considered in rankings of districts and counties.