The USDA’s National Agricultural Statistics Service will be making changes to its county-level reporting. 

More specifically, there will no longer be county-level estimates for dry edible beans, flaxseed, hay (alfalfa and others), as well as potatoes, sugar beets, sugarcane, sunflowers (non-oil and oil varieties), and tobacco. 

Additionally, NASS will discontinue county estimates based on irrigated or non-irrigated practices for all crops. 

These changes are effective beginning with the 2019 crop year. The reason for the changes is the lack of funds. 

The data collection cost for the surveys that the agency uses to gather the data for county-level numbers had been partially funded through a cooperative agreement, which was not renewed. 

As a result, NASS says it has to adjust its county estimates program to reflect the lower level of funding available. 

NASS took public comments and reviewed the feedback before deciding to discontinue these estimates. Future NASS reports will still be available at