An initiative by Anheuser-Busch InBev seeks to help farmers convert farmland to organic production. 

Michelob ULTRA Pure Gold, and AB InBev product, is launching their 60 second Super Bowl commercial featuring 6 For 6-Pack, a new program that allows consumers to join the brand in helping farmers transition six square feet of farmland into organic production. 

Michelob ULTRA Pure Gold is the first national beer brand to be USDA-certified organic. 

A portion of sales from each Pure Gold 6-pack will go directly to farmers looking to transition to organic, “allowing consumers to help drive change.”  

The commercial advertises that consumers can help farmers by “simply having a beer.” 

By the math, for every acre assisted in the program, consumers will need to drink 43,560 beers. 

Last year, AB InBev caught opposition from the corn industry, and sparked an advertising war with MillerCoors, by depicting corn syrup negatively, sparking lawsuits. 

The 2020 Michelob commercial is now available on YouTube.