Mexico’s Supreme Court this week ruled against a federal policy that would allow for higher ethanol blends nationwide. 

Mexico’s Energy Commission sought a rule that would allow up to ten percent ethanol in gasoline nationwide, excluding the country’s three biggest cities. 

The pre-existing fuel rule allows a maximum 5.8 percent ethanol content, according to Reuters. 

The court called for more science-based evaluation of higher-ethanol fuels. Kenneth Smith, a former Mexican trade negotiator, told Reuters Mexico should try again to craft a nationwide ten percent ethanol rule, calling it a “win-win” for Mexico. 

In a statement, the Mexican Association for Sustainable Mobility, an ethanol backing group, says, “Ethanol is part of the solution to reduce dependence on fossil fuels, use renewable energy, lower gasoline prices, create domestic jobs, boost the agricultural economy and improve the environment, it said.