More than 200 lawmakers seek federal assistance for local news and media outlets suffering from the lack of advertising funds during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

The lawmakers say that in times of emergency and disaster, the public turns to their local media, and advertising plays an incredible role in funding those outlets. 

A letter to the Trump administration says the importance of advertising to the “sustainability of local broadcast stations and newspapers cannot be overstated.” 

National Association of Farm Broadcasting President Rita Frazer says, “When local businesses hurt, local radio stations hurt,” adding, “our members are feeling the pain, with local advertising dollars shifting and declining.” 

The lawmakers urge the administration to review any resources provided by the CARES Act and other recent bills intended for advertising campaigns, and expedite those activities with local media outlets. 

The lawmakers also seek federal outreach through advertising of new programs, and incentives for recovering businesses to advertise with local media.