Propane delivery issues prompted Iowa’s Governor to sign an emergency proclamation last week. 

The Emergency Executive Order signed by Governor Kim Reynolds will help “help resolve delivery challenges resulting from increased seasonal propane demands,” according to the Iowa Department of Agriculture. 

The proclamation exempts drivers of commercial motor vehicles delivering propane from the hours of service requirements during November. 

Iowa Agriculture Secretary Mike Naig says a late harvest and wet weather has left farmers with higher-than-normal moisture levels in their corn. 

The propane industry states there is propane available in the Midwest, but there are transportation and pipeline capacity limitations that are creating logistical challenges. 

The Iowa Department of Agriculture is working with the Iowa Propane Gas Association to monitor the situation and explore options to expedite the delivery of propane to homes, farms and businesses. 

The industry is tracking potential interruptions to rail or pipeline distribution lines and working with those industries to help facilitate the movement of propane during peak demand periods.