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Iowa Senators Call for Increase in Eligibility for Commercial Driver’s Licenses

Iowa’s U.S. Senators are calling for more Americans to be eligible to obtain a commercial driver’s license, known as a CDL, to operate commercial motor vehicles in interstate commerce. 

Republicans Chuck Grassley and Joni Ernst penned a letter this week to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration on the issue. 

They asked the agency to allow persons 18 years of age and older to obtain a commercial driver’s license. 

Current federal regulations maintain a minimum age of 21 for interstate travel. The lawmakers say the change can help reduce supply chain issues, stating, “The truck driver shortage, coupled with the nation’s ongoing supply chain issues, has been extremely detrimental to the economy.” 

The letter follows the introduction of a bill this week to reduce red tape for farmers and ranchers to travel across state lines, The Covered Farm Vehicle Modernization Act, which changes weight rating exemptions for farm vehicles.

(Story Courtesy of NAFB News Service)

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