Congress took a long weekend out of town as soon as a White House Congressional Ball wrapped up last Thursday. 

The House is expected to cast some key votes this week, starting on Tuesday, and the chamber will likely be in session through Friday. 

The House will meet at nine a.m. for legislative business, with votes expected sometime between nine and ten o’clock that morning. 

The Hagstrom Report says House and Senate appropriators and Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin reached an agreement on all 12 major appropriations bills last week. 

A vote on the bills is expected on Tuesday. 

House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer of Maryland says the agreement reached on the U.S.-Mexico-Canada Agreement “could be brought to the floor sometime this week, provided the president has submitted the implementing legislation to Congress.” 

Hoyer also says if the House Judiciary Committee marks up the articles of impeachment, “a path forward will be announced” on that as well.