More than 100 members of the U.S. House of Representatives want COVID-19 related relief for farmers as effective and as immediately as possible. 

A letter this week to the Trump administration led by Republican Representative Rick Crawford or Arkansas, Austin Scott of Georgia, Rodney Davis of Illinois and Tom Emmer of Minnesota outlined the request. 

Specifically, the letter highlights concern that there will be a severe gap between producers’ losses and Department of Agriculture aid. 

The letter implores USDA to include all producers and to not limit payments simply based on income, risk management practices, or past USDA payments. 

Further, the letter notes Congress’s $14 billion replenishment of the Credit Commodity Corporation and requests USDA to include the funds in the relief package. 

Representative Davis says, “Protecting our nation’s food supply is critical during this pandemic to ensure food is available now and in the future.” 

Representative Crawford adds, “Our nation’s agricultural producers are fighting new challenges every day due to the current pandemic, and obtaining assistance shouldn’t be added to their plate.”