It’s been 200 years since the House Agriculture Committee was established. 

Back on April 29, 1820, Congressman Lewis Williams of North Carolina introduced a House resolution to create a committee to oversee the agricultural sector of the economy. 

The full House approved the resolution to formally establish the Committee on May 3, 1820. Committee Chair Collin Peterson and Ranking Member Michael Conaway issued statements this week celebrating the anniversary. 

“For 200 years, the House Ag Committee has brought the issues facing farmers and ranchers and the rural communities they call home together with the needs of consumers in the city, to make sure Americans have the food, fuel, and fiber they need,” Peterson says. “We’ve never shied away from tough tasks before us, and we won’t start now.” 

He adds that Americans need a sound policy that makes sure food is available for everyone. 

“American agriculture has kept this nation fed and clothed through many difficult times in our history,” Conaway says. “Now more than ever, we are reminded of the important role the hardworking individuals in agriculture play in our daily lives, and it’s our duty to stand with them as members of the House Agriculture Committee.”