Speculation seems to be swirling about whether or not House Ag Committee Chair Collin Peterson will be running for office again.

Politico says the Democrat from Minnesota is thinking “long and hard” about whether or not he wants to help put together another farm bill.

Peterson is confident he would win another term if he decides to run.

However, he’s trying to decide whether he wants to stick it out for another cycle of putting together another farm bill.

The current farm bill expires in 2023, but discussions begin several years ahead of that.

“It’s getting harder every time to do a farm bill,” Peterson says. “It’s a big commitment. So that’s what my main thing is, do I want to do that? If I do, then I’d feel like I have a responsibility to see it through.”

The ag chair wouldn’t give a yes or no answer to the question of whether he’ll run again.

Peterson says he’ll make a public announcement in either January or February of next year, as he’s done in the past.

Republicans point out that Peterson recently sold his condo in D.C., saying that’s a sign he’s not running again. Peterson said he did that to gain additional capital for his Minnesota farm.