The brand-new Hemp Federation of America is planning its first-ever fly-in to Washington, D.C., this week.

The fly-in is happening at the same time that Reuters is reporting farmers are having a difficult time finding markets for this year’s hemp crop.

Oklahoma farmer Will Wheeler is the board chair for the federation.

He says an industry with a domestic market estimated at $800 million to $2 billion every year needs to have its trade association in Washington.

“There’s no question that a viable crop like this has hundreds and even thousands of uses,” Wheeler says. “But, we have to get this right. That’s why we formed the Hemp Federation of America, so farmers can be a part of shaping the legislation that regulates industrial hemp, thanks to our presence in Washington.”

Scott Graves is the HFA’s executive director, who says, “There is a tremendous amount of work ahead with Congress and the administration to put together a regulatory framework that makes sense. That’s how we’re going to help grow the market for American farmers and businesses.”

Federation priorities include educating lawmakers and others on how to tell the difference between hemp and cannabis.