Police in New York last week intercepted and seized a shipment of organic hemp, allegedly mistaking it for marijuana. 

Vermont’s NBC-5 reports Fox Holler Farms of New Haven, Vermont, took a 106 lbs. shipment of organic hemp to FedEx, and “made clear what it was,” adding the shipment was legal. 

However, police acted on an apparent tip and seized the shipment, and arrested a CBD shop owner who arrived to pick up the boxes. 

The farm owners allege detectives seemed unaware of the difference between hemp and marijuana. 

While hemp and marijuana look similar, the farm owners say paperwork and testing information was included in the shipment. 

The 2018 farm bill legalized hemp production, but it must be tested to be sure it meets federal guidelines of low THC levels. 

Vermont agriculture leaders say they have contacted New York Agriculture Commissioner Richard Ball, to make him aware of the situation, hoping he might help sort out the confusion. 

Meanwhile, New York police continue their investigation.