Growth Energy CEO Emily Skor outlined the biofuels industry’s top federal priorities for 2021, highlighting key measures that elected leaders must take to protect the climate and revitalize rural communities. 

Some of their other key priorities will offer more consumers access to clean, affordable options to fuel their cars. 

“Biofuels, including plant-based ethanol, are critical tools for decarbonizing America’s existing transportation fleet and supporting our nation’s farmers and rural communities,” she says. “Solvable challenges in this area await leaders in Congress and the next administration.” 

While officials are looking at climate solutions, she says biofuels will be a key to meeting the nation’s goals for the transportation sector, which is America’s largest source of greenhouse gas emissions. 

Their priorities include restoring the integrity of the Renewable Fuels Standard, including expanded infrastructure for higher biofuel blends. 

Growth Energy also wants to see expanded roles for biofuels in a clean energy future both at home and abroad. 

They’re very interested in seeing trade barriers broken down in low-carbon ethanol markets like Brazil, Mexico, and China, as well as in leveraging the benefits of biofuels in the Paris Climate Accord.

(Story Courtesy of NAFB News Service)