After one of the United States’ most challenging growing seasons in history, The U.S. Grains Council annual Corn Harvest Quality Report shows resiliency in agriculture. 

The report is based on 623 samples collected from inbound farm-originating trucks at harvest. Kurt Shultz, USGC senior director of global strategies, says the report provides “transparency about crop conditions and consistently reinforce that the United States is the world’s most reliable supplier of good quality corn.” 

The Grains Council’s global staff and grower-leaders will share the results of the first report in a series of crop quality seminars around the world, beginning in Taiwan this month. 

A forthcoming companion report – the 2019/2020 Corn Export Cargo Quality Report – will focus on export cargo samples collected from corn shipments undergoing federal inspection and grading processes at export terminals. 

The reports offer reliable information on U.S. corn quality from the farm to the customer based on transparent and consistent methodology.