The Government Accountability Office will review the Trump Administration’s biofuel small refinery exemptions, following a request from lawmakers. 

Representative Abby Finkenauer, a Democrat from Northeast Iowa, says, “Granting more than 80 small refinery exemption waivers isn’t just something this administration can sweep under the rug.” 

Finkenauer, along with a group of lawmakers from ethanol-producing states, sent a letter last August to the GAO, requesting a review of the small refinery exemptions granted by the Environmental Protection Agency. 

The letter sought review of EPA’s approval process for the exemptions, the role the Department of Energy has in reviewing the exemption applications, and what is considered in the assessment of applications. 

The GOA responded late last week in a letter, stating, “GAO accepts your request as work that is within the scope of its authority.”

Last year, the EPA announced it granted 31 new small refinery exemption waivers. 

Under the Trump administration, small refinery exemption waivers have more than quadrupled from the previous administration.