Food industry representatives spoke with the President over the weekend, as the U.S. grocery supply chain seeks to keep up with crisis demands. 

President Donald Trump urged consumers to “chill,” saying, “You don’t have to buy so much. Take it easy. Just relax,” referring to panic purchases of food items across the nation. Trump added food retailers are “committed to remaining open.”  

The Food Industry Association says the organization and its members offered to “stand ready with the President” to ensure “the viability of the supply chain and the availability of safe, affordable food and consumer products.” 

FMI says the grocery industry is working 24-hours-a-day to replenish and restock while ensuring the cleanliness of stores and facilities. 

FMI CEO Leslie Sarasin adds, “We want to ensure that all Americans know the government is working closely with all stakeholders across the and consumer products supply chain to ensure that stores can stay open and stocked with the products consumers need through this emergency.