A new federal collaboration seeks to improve consumer understanding of genetically modified organisms. 

Created by the Food and Drug Administration, in collaboration with the Environmental Protection Agency and Department of Agriculture, the Feed Your Mind initiative aims to answer the most common questions that consumers have about GMOs. 

FDA Commissioner Stephen Hahn says that while GMO’s are a common part of the food supply, “there are a lot of misconceptions about them,” adding, the initiative is intended to help people better understand what these products are and how they are made. 

The Feed Your Mind initiative is launching in phases. 

The materials released this week include a new website, as well as a selection of fact sheets, infographics and videos. 

Additional materials—including a supplementary science curriculum for high schools, resources for health professionals and additional consumer materials—will be released later in 2020 and 2021. 

Find the information online at www.fda.gov/feedyourmind.