The land market in 2019 continued the plateau trend of the past several years, where the supply of agricultural land for sale on the market remained lower than average, and prices for good quality cropland held mostly steady. 

Farmers National Company says farmland sale activity in the first part of 2019 was slower than it had been for some time with late spring and early summer, especially void of farms for sale. 

Planting delays and prevent plantings contributed to the sluggish activity. However, despite the slower land market, Farmers National Company and its agents saw a 25 percent increase in acres sold in 2019 from the prior year and the most since 2014. 

Several factors will impact the 2020 land market, according to Randy Dickhut of Farmers National. 

He says Interest rates are low and are poised to remain so during the foreseeable future. 

Overall, he says, “agriculture is in adequate financial shape, but there are individual and regional concerns.”