The National Farmers Union Tuesday sent a letter to President Donald Trump endorsing the Governors’ Biofuels Coalition recommendation to lower air toxic emissions caused by the use of gasoline aromatics. 

Following the coalition’s position, the organization suggested that aromatics be replaced with biofuels, which NFU says are higher octane, burn more cleanly, and are “far better” in terms of greenhouse gas emissions, air quality, and public health. 

NFU is a longtime proponent of replacing toxic aromatics with ethanol, filing comments to that effect on several different rulemakings, including the Safer Affordable Fuel Efficient Vehicles Rule. 

In a statement, NFU President Roger Johnson emphasized the benefits of doing so and advised the administration to adopt the recommendations. 

Johnson says biofuels are “substantially cleaner than petroleum-based octane additives,” and cost-effective and readily available. 

Johnson urged the administration to make the change, that would “reduce health care costs, ease compliance burdens, and provide lower-cost fuel for consumers.”