The National Farmers Union is donating $125,000 to help with the humanitarian and agricultural crisis in Ukraine. 

The contribution went through the World Food Program USA. That organization has been on the frontlines of the world’s worst hunger crises since 1962. 

WFP is also on-the-ground providing critical food assistance to those impacted by the war. 

“The war in Ukraine is devastating hundreds of thousands of families, driving them from their homes and into hunger,” says NFU President Rob Larew. 

“America’s family farmers and ranchers want to help in the best way they know how: to provide food and humanitarian aid to those around the world who need it.” 

The group also says reserves and food programs will get stretched thin as the full effects of the Ukraine invasion get felt throughout the global food system. 

“Our concern for community stretches to farmers in a major agricultural country like Ukraine,” Larew adds.

(Story Courtesy of the NAFB News Service)