Farmers Tuesday asked lawmakers to assure positive trade outcomes for agriculture. 

The House Agriculture Subcommittee on Livestock and Foreign Agriculture heard from farmers regarding the current trade atmosphere. 

Subcommittee Chairman Jim Costa of California stated, “The President’s trade agenda has adversely impacted farmers in California and nationwide.” 

The National Milk Producers Federation urged lawmakers to “work with the administration to use negotiating resources wisely to target important agricultural markets and create greater access for U.S. dairy products.” 

In 2019, America’s dairy industry exported more than $6 billion in dairy products ranging from cheese to ice cream to milk powders. 

Iowa soybean farmer Robb Ewoldt told the committee 2020 holds a “50/50 proposition as to whether I’ll receive an operating loan this year,” adding he’s taken a second job as a truck driver. 

He urged lawmakers to encourage the administration to initiate free trade negotiations with other trading partners and “assure positive outcomes to bilateral trade negotiations with the EU and the UK.”