Despite volatile and uncertain markets, interest appears to be growing in farmland purchases. 

Farmers National Company reports a small increase in land buying interest from individual investors. 

The company specializes in farm management, real estate sales and auctions. 

The recent Market Facilitation Program, low interest rates and the idea of farmland as a long-term asset appear to support farmland prices. 

Further, with the stock market volatile and low CD rates, investors are more willing to look for alternatives to invest in, including farmland. 

Investment funds, for the most part, are remaining active in the land market. 

Meanwhile, farmers continue to be interested in buying land as there is a bit of optimism among producers for a better year than the last. 

Farmers National agents have seen stronger than expected prices being paid for cropland. 

Despite the short-term uncertainties swirling around agriculture, land is seen as the solid long-term asset that both farmers and investors are interested in owning.