Bloomberg says American agriculture is likely bracing for more scrutiny of its practices under a Joe Biden administration. 

While the race isn’t officially over yet, ag would potentially see more regulation of everything from environmental protections to workplace safety, a stark contrast from the anti-regulatory administration of Donald Trump. 

The key question will be how much pressure ag will face as Democrats are divided on how hard they might move forward on a more progressive agenda. 

One thing for sure is there will be a greater emphasis on food assistance for needy families under Biden. 

The first suggestion of where a new administration would fall on the regulatory spectrum is who they appoint to different positions. 

Both farmers and environmentalists will be looking closely for details on how Biden would carry out a campaign pledge to make American agriculture the first in the world to reach net-zero with emissions. 

Even as the Trump administration refuses to concede the race, the Biden team is moving ahead on cabinet choices, with the picks likely to come in the middle of December. 

Former Ag Secretary Tom Vilsack has been advising the Biden campaign on rural issues.

(Story Courtesy of NAFB News Services)