Grain inspection experts warn that the 2019 fall harvest will bring quality challenges for many. 

Tom Dahl, president of the American Association of Grain Inspection and Weighing Agencies, this week stated quality challenges may vary by region. 

Some may see weathered grain, while others may see green or immature grains. Or, it could be frost damaged kernels, mold, or fungus issues. Any of these create marketing issues for producers. For users, whether they are processors, feeders, or millers, Dahl says it is a matter of understanding the quality they are receiving so it can be used for its best purpose. 

The organization recommends accurate measurement of crop quality, as both buyers and sellers can benefit from clearly understanding the quality of the grain or oilseeds they are handling. 

Consistent, accurate test results can be best assured through using an Official Grain Inspection Agency. 

These are agencies supervised by the Department of Agriculture’s Federal Grain Inspection Service. 

Farmers can learn more about accurate quality testing online at