Ethanol producers say small refinery waivers granted by the Environmental Protection Agency have caused an economic crisis for the industry. 

At hearing in Washington, D.C. Tuesday, Growth Energy told lawmakers “small refinery exemptions under the Renewable Fuel Standard is crippling rural America.” 

The ethanol industry and farm groups are not optimistic the EPA plan to restore biofuel blending to the statute of 15 billion gallons annually will be followed. 

Growth Energy says the regulatory attempts by EPA “give us little confidence that we will see the relief we need.” 

Farmers and ethanol producers are also upset the plan doesn’t make up for lost gallons over the last few years. 

Several biofuels and farm groups voiced support for the Renewable Fuel Standard Integrity Act of 2019, introduced by House Agriculture Committee Chair Collin Peterson. 

The groups say the legislation would bring transparency to the small refinery waivers. 

Refinery exemptions under the Trump Administration have totaled nearly six times more gallons than those under the previous Administration.