Republican Senator Joni Ernst of Iowa says she will call for Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Andrew Wheeler’s resignation, if the Renewable Fuel Standard doesn’t meet the statute requirement of 15 billion gallons. 

Her comments follow Wheeler’s final supplement rule released by his agency last week. 

In a joint statement with Iowa Republican Senator Chuck Grassley, Ernst says, “We will keep holding EPA’s feet to the fire to ensure they truly uphold the RFS as intended.” 

Ernst alleges that the industry was “guaranteed a deal” earlier in the year that would appease biofuels producers. 

The agreement would account for all lost gallons to small refinery exemptions. 

However, the industry says EPA’s plan to reallocate exempted gallons based on a three-year rolling average won’t make up for the four billion lost gallons. 

The agreement that the Iowa Senators say made earlier in the year would have based the three year average on actual gallons waived.