Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Andrew Wheeler Thursday asked for nominees to serve on the Farm, Ranch, and Rural Communities Committee. 

EPA is seeking 20-30 nominees to serve on the committee that provides independent policy advice, information and recommendations to EPA’s Administrator on environmental issues and policies important to agriculture and rural communities. 

Members will be selected from a variety of sectors and may represent allied industries and stakeholders, including farm groups, rural suppliers, marketers, processors, academia/researchers, state, local, and tribal government, and nongovernmental organizations. 

The previous charter for the committee was scheduled to expire and was renewed in 2018. 

However, the committee currently has no members. EPA is specifically seeking 20-30 members for two-three-year terms, and the committee expects to meet approximately twice a year. 

Applications must be received by EPA by December 31, 2019. Full details about qualifications and how to apply will be published in the Federal Register Notice, and on the EPA’s website.