Ecosystem Services Market Consortium and SustainCERT announced a new partnership this week. 

The effort seeks to accelerate the deployment of a digital solution for corporate reporting on the carbon intensity of agriculture commodities. 

ESMC says the result will unlock scalability and credibility for climate action in agriculture supply chains, such as carbon markets. 

ESMC and SustainCERT have partnered to accelerate the deployment of SustainCERT’s Scope 3 software and digital verification capabilities for agriculture. 

ESMC will help pilot test and improve the solution, allowing for better alignment with user needs and civil society quality requirements, including the Greenhouse Gas Protocol. 

Ecosystem Services Market Consortium is a non-profit collective action program dedicated to scaling quantified and verified sustainable ecosystem services from agriculture. 

It is a public-private partnership of the agricultural supply chain and value chain – including agricultural producer groups and co-ops, major corporate food and beverage companies, agribusiness, conservation NGO’s, ag-tech companies, land grant universities, and others.

(Story Courtesy of the NAFB News Service)